HIPAA training made simple

We offer a modern and affordable HIPAA training and tracking solution for you and your team. $1,000 worth of policy and contract templates included, free.

High quality training

HIPAA requires that you train your personnel annually - but it doesn’t need to be a drag. Our training is modern, engaging, and pragmatic, unlike other solutions that look and feel a decade old (because they are!)

Simple participation tracking

Track employee compliance with the annual HIPAA training requirement using our included dashboard. Effortless reporting and automatic reminders ensure success in case of audit.

Industry leading pricing

The other guys charge $20-$30+ per employee per year. We charge $17.95. It’s that simple. Digital certificate and unlimited free support included. No hidden fees. Contact us for bulk pricing discounts

How it works

Setting your team up for success with TeachMeHIPAA is simple, and takes just a few minutes.

Create an account

Answer a few quick questions about you and your company; no commitment required up front.

Buy seats

Buy seats for you and each member of your team. You can always buy more later!

Invite your team

Enter or import your team roster and we'll handle the rest.

Take course

Each team member takes the training course, completes a quiz, and receives a certificate. You can see them all in your panel.

Simple pricing

See how TeachMeHIPAA ranks next to the competition.


$17.95 /seat

HIPAA certification

Free quiz retakes

Employee participation tracking

Unlimited premium support

Annual certification reminders

What our customers say

This HIPAA compliance training platform is top-notch. It's easy to understand, the content is engaging, and most importantly, it ensures our entire team is proficient in HIPAA regulations. This has significantly improved our onboarding and training workflow.

Michael W.

IT Director

The user-friendly interface and detailed modules of this training platform have significantly improved our team's understanding of HIPAA compliance. We're more efficient and secure, thanks to this resource.

Arya C.

Head of Compliance

As a new practice manager, I was worried about ensuring HIPAA compliance within our organization. This training platform has not only provided excellent training to our staff but also given me peace of mind. I can't recommend it enough.

Arron G.

Practice Manager

The simplicity and effectiveness of the training platform was exceptional. It simplified HIPAA compliance for our entire team, allowing us to focus on providing quality healthcare to our patients.

Dr. Mary N.

Medical Director

We wanted a modern HIPAA training platform that offered good value. We're glad we found TeachMeHIPAA!

Rahul A.

Compliance Officer

This HIPAA compliance training platform was exactly what our organization needed. The modules are straightforward and engaging, and our team has really benefited from them. We are now confident in our HIPAA adherence, and that's thanks to this fantastic platform.

Mira Z.

Compliance Officer

Frequently asked questions

Why take the course?

There are many great reasons to take our HIPAA training course. If you're an employee of a covered entity or a business associate, you're legally obligated to train in HIPAA regularly. Many companies engage us directly to provide training for their employees. Even if you're just curious about what's required to comply with HIPAA, our training offers a concise and actionable crash course.

What is required to complete the course?

You'll just need a computer or mobile device capable of audio, video, and browsing the web.

How long does the training take?

Our training takes 30-45 minutes to complete, including several video modules and a mandatory quiz.

How and when will I receive my certificate?

After passing the quiz, your certificate will be immediately available within your dashboard.

How do the organization management features work?

During registration, you'll be able to build the profile for your organization, as well as build the roster of staff for whom you'll require training. Then, purchase training credits, and you'll be able to trigger email invites to everyone on your roster. It's that simple!

How much does the training cost?

We charge $17.95 per completed training.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes! Just email us for a quote.

Do you offer training that an organization can use to train its employees?

Absolutely. We work with hundreds of organizations who engage us to train all or some of their personnel. Simply sign up for an account and you'll be able to create a profile for your organization and build your staff roster.

Who is the organizational training for?

Any Covered Entity or Business Associate as defined within HIPAA. We serve all types of organizations, including medical groups, tech companies, hospitals, and a variety of small and medium sized businesses across dozens of industries.

Is there a minimum number of seats I need to purchase to use the organizational training features?

No. You can have totally free access to our organizational management features with the purchase of just one training license.

Hundreds of companies and medical practices trust TeachMeHIPAA to train their personnel.

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