Is Google Meet HIPAA compliant?

Google Meet is a secure, easy-to-use, and comprehensive video conferencing solution developed by Google. The platform is designed to accommodate virtual meetings, webinars, and collaborative sessions, making it a popular choice for businesses, educational institutions, and individual users. Its core functionalities include HD video and audio, screen sharing, real-time captions, and compatibility with various devices and platforms. The product's integration with other Google services like Gmail and Google Calendar enhances its usability, supporting streamlined scheduling and management of virtual meetings.

Screenshot of meeting on Google Meet with six participant images visible

Google Meet in healthcare

In a healthcare setting, Google Meet can be utilized to facilitate both telehealth and in-person care. For telehealth, medical professionals can conduct virtual consultations and follow-up appointments, reducing the need for patients to travel and potentially exposing themselves to health risks. Screen sharing functionality can be used to discuss test results or demonstrate the use of medical devices. In the context of in-person care, Google Meet can be utilized for team meetings, training sessions, and inter-departmental collaboration. It can also assist in connecting healthcare providers with remote specialists or with patient family members who may not be able to be physically present.

Google Meet and HIPAA compliance

Google Meet is indeed HIPAA compliant. The company offers to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), a prerequisite for HIPAA compliance when dealing with any third-party service that may handle PHI (Protected Health Information). Google Meet's HIPAA compliance ensures the secure transmission of PHI during virtual consultations or meetings, as it encrypts data in transit and at rest. Google's HIPAA Compliance Resource page outlines the measures they've put in place to align with HIPAA standards. In addition to these measures, Google employs a robust set of security technologies and practices to safeguard user data, including secure access controls, data loss prevention tools, and comprehensive audit logs. These measures ensure the privacy and security of sensitive health information when using Google Meet in a healthcare setting.

Staying HIPAA Compliant

Take a look at our ultimate guide to HIPAA compliant software and services for help selecting compliant service providers. Though careful vendor evaluation and selection is only one piece of the puzzle for maintaining HIPAA compliance. At TeachMeHIPAA, we offer an affordable HIPAA training solution to ensure your staff are knowledgeable in how to comply, and to help you meet your legally mandated HIPAA training requirement with ease. Learn more about our tips and tricks for maintaining compliance with our HIPAA compliance blog