Is Google Workspace HIPAA compliant?

G Suite, now known as Google Workspace, is a collection of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools developed by Google. It includes popular services such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Meet, Google Chat, and Google Calendar, among others. These tools are designed to enhance collaboration, productivity, and efficiency in a range of work environments.

G Suite admin page

G Suite in healthcare

In a healthcare setting, Google Workspace can serve as a comprehensive solution for both telehealth and in-person care. For telehealth, Google Meet can be used for virtual consultations, while Google Calendar can manage appointments. Google Docs can be used for documenting patient information, and Google Drive for storing and sharing patient records. Google Chat can facilitate secure communication among healthcare professionals.

G Suite and HIPAA compliance

Google Workspace supports HIPAA compliance for its covered services and is willing to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Google employs a broad set of security technologies, infrastructures, and controls to ensure user data is secure and private. However, the healthcare entity is responsible for using these tools in a manner that complies with HIPAA. It's important to set appropriate settings and controls to protect Protected Health Information (PHI). More information can be found on Google's HIPAA guide.

Staying HIPAA Compliant

Take a look at our ultimate guide to HIPAA compliant software and services for help selecting compliant service providers. Though careful vendor evaluation and selection is only one piece of the puzzle for maintaining HIPAA compliance. At TeachMeHIPAA, we offer an affordable HIPAA training solution to ensure your staff are knowledgeable in how to comply, and to help you meet your legally mandated HIPAA training requirement with ease. Learn more about our tips and tricks for maintaining compliance with our HIPAA compliance blog